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Spinalonga Tour from Hersonissos

Spinalonga Island Tour
Spinalonga Island from Hersonissos

Spinalonga Tour from Hersonissos. Embarking on a Spinalonga Island guided tour from Hersonissos in Crete is an amazing journey that combines history, and culture.

The Spinalonga Island tour starts by picking you up in the morning. Usually around 8:30 am. The tour guide will accompany you throughout the day. You will return back around 6:00 pm. We only use the best buses, guides and boats.

This Spinalonga guided tour has it all. A bus tour, a boat trip, swimming, lunch, a full tour of the island, and a visit to Agios Nikolaos.

The bus drives along Crete’s coast towards the east. Along the way, we will go through the stunning St. George gorge and reach the fishing village of Elounda. One of the most beautiful bays in Crete.

Spinalonga Tour from Hersonissos

We will arrive around 10:15 am at Elounda. Following this, we start our boat trip for the Spinalonga island at 10:30 am.

Upon our arrival at around 10:50 am, our Spinalonga tour guide will initiate a full tour of the island. This Spinalonga guided tour lasts around one hour. Learn about the history of the island and it’s sad past. Additionally, he will provide you with extra time to walk around and take lots of photographs.

After the tour of Spinalonga Island, we will get back to our boat and head for Kolokitha bay. Here you will have plenty of time to swim in the crystal clear waters and also enjoy a BBQ. You have three choices. Chicken, pork, or a vegetarian dish. We will stay at Kolokytha bay for two hours.

Following the lunch, we will return to Elounda. Our next stop is the  town of Agios Nikolaos.

You can explore the local market or relax at one of the lake side coffee shops. We will stay about one hour in Agios Nikolaos. We offer two types of tours. The first one is a full guided tour of Spinalonga with lunch and the second one is without food and optional visit of the island. Both Spinalonga tours from Hersonissos include a visit to Agios Nikolaos.

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Spinalonga from Hersonissos

Hersonissos Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Hersonissos Pick Up Points

Nana Golden Beach Bus stop 25,
Mediterraneo Hotel (Main Road Bus Stop),
Star Beach and Belvedere Royal and Imperial Bus Stop,
Silva Beach Hotel,
Pela Maria Bus Stop,
Opposite National Bank Bus Stop 21,
Pharmacy Opposite Chalkiadakis S/M,
Pigadi Piskopiano (The Wishing Well),
Kritikos Supermarket Road,
Albatros Hotel Corner or Caravel Rent A Car,
Creta Maris Hotel Meeting Point Bus stop

Places of Visit

Agios Nikolaos Town, Elounda Bay, Elounda Village, Spinalonga Island

Available Spinalonga Guided Tours from Hersonissos

Spinalonga Tour with Lunch - Day Trip

Spinalonga Tour with Lunch - Day Trip

Elounda Village - Spinalonga Island - Agios Nikolaos
English French German Polish
9 hours75
Spinalonga Island Excursion and Olive Oil Tour

Spinalonga Island Excursion and Olive Oil Tour

Plaka Village-Spinalonga-Agios Nikolaos
English French German Polish
8 hours75

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Spinalonga Guided Tour
Spinalonga tour from Hersonissos
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