Hersonissos Tours

Hersonissos Tours

Hersonissos Tours and Excursions! Dive into a world of adventure with our tours from Hersonissos. Our Hersonissos excursions cover an extensive range of activities, ensuring there’s something for every traveler.

Tours from Hersonissos

Hersonissos is in a super spot for exploring Crete. It’s like being in the middle of all the cool stuff! You’ve got easy access to lots of other awesome places on the island. It’s not too far from the capital, Heraklion, where you can check out ancient sites and cool museums. Plus, Hersonissos itself has loads of fun things to do, like chilling on beautiful beaches or exploring cute little villages nearby. So basically, staying in Hersonissos means you’re right in the middle of all the action, making it a perfect base for your excursions around Crete! Our Hersonissos Tours will show you the whole island of Crete.

Boat Trips from Hersonissos

It is also a great spot for boat trips because it’s surrounded by beautiful waters and stunning coastline. The town sits right on the northern coast of Crete, Greece, giving easy access to the Aegean Sea. This means you can hop on a boat and explore nearby islands, hidden coves, and picturesque beaches without traveling far. Plus, the calm waters around Hersonissos make for smooth sailing, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone on board. So, if you’re looking for an adventure on the water, Hersonissos is the perfect starting point!

The following collection of Hersonissos day trips and activities all take place either in Hersonissos or depart from there.

Hersonissos Tours

Hersonissos Tours - Meeting Points

Our Hersonissos Tours are available from more than 20 meeting points across the town. Those include also Piskopiano and Koutouloufari villages.