Gramvousa Island

Gramvousa, a rugged and majestic peninsula situated on the northwest coast of Crete, emerges as a captivating blend of natural beauty, history, and myth. Dominated by the imposing Gramvousa Fortress, perched atop a steep hill, this remote outpost commands panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the shimmering turquoise waters of Balos Lagoon below. The fortress, originally built by the Venetians in the 16th century, served as a strategic stronghold and has since witnessed a tapestry of historical events. Accessible by boat or a challenging hike, Gramvousa attracts adventurers and history enthusiasts alike. The journey to this remote haven unfolds through a rugged landscape adorned with wildflowers, enhancing the sense of exploration. Balos Lagoon, a breathtaking crescent-shaped beach embraced by pink-hued sand and shallow turquoise waters, lies at the foot of Gramvousa and is often hailed as one of the most stunning beaches in Crete. The area is steeped in myth, with legends suggesting that Gramvousa was once home to pirates who sought refuge in its hidden coves. Today, Gramvousa remains a captivating destination where history, nature, and myth converge, inviting travelers to explore its enchanting shores and uncover the secrets held within its ancient walls.

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Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon Tour

Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon Tour

Kissamos Port - Gramvousa Island - Balos Lagoon
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