Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon, a natural masterpiece nestled on the northwest coast of Crete, stands as a paradisiacal haven, blending turquoise waters, ivory sands, and rugged landscapes in a breathtaking symphony of nature. Accessible by boat or a scenic trek, Balos Lagoon captivates visitors from the first glimpse as they descend upon its pristine shores. The contrasting hues of the shallow, crystalline waters create an ethereal palette, ranging from deep blues to mesmerizing shades of aquamarine. The lagoon is embraced by a crescent-shaped, powdery beach, sprinkled with pink-hued sand, a result of the crushed shells and coral fragments. This idyllic setting is further enhanced by the backdrop of Cape Tigani and the islet of Gramvousa, crowned by a Venetian fortress perched atop its summit. The journey to Balos is an adventure itself, with the final approach unveiling a postcard-worthy panorama that has enchanted poets, artists, and travelers for centuries. Nature lovers can explore the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in the surrounding area, while sun-seekers bask in the warm Mediterranean glow. Balos Lagoon is not merely a destination; it’s a sensory oasis where the beauty of Crete’s landscape converges, leaving an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to experience its sublime allure.

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Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon Tour

Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon Tour

Kissamos Port - Gramvousa Island - Balos Lagoon
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