Chania, nestled on the northern coast of Crete, is a captivating blend of ancient charm and natural beauty. Renowned for its picturesque harbor, lined with colorful Venetian buildings and bustling waterfront restaurants, the city exudes a timeless allure. Steeped in history, Chania boasts an array of well-preserved architectural gems, including the majestic Chania Old Town, where narrow cobblestone streets wind through a maze of charming shops and taverns. Beyond its historical allure, Chania is embraced by stunning beaches and rugged landscapes, inviting travelers to explore the rugged gorges of Samaria or bask in the sun on the idyllic beaches of Balos and Elafonissi. With its rich cultural heritage, warm hospitality, and breathtaking scenery, Chania stands as a testament to Crete’s enduring appeal.

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Santorini Tour from Chania with Transfer

Santorini Tour from Chania with Transfer

Chania - Rethymno Port - Santorini(Oia-Fira)
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14 hours50
Santorini Day Trip from Heraklion Port

Santorini Day Trip from Heraklion Port

Heraklion Port - Santorini (Oia and Fira Towns)
English French German Polish Italian Dutch Romanian Czech Hungarian Russian
12 hours50